Rivera, Tape
Hwang, Trying to Find Chinatown
Feldman, Asteroid Belt
Dooley and Holzman, Post-its


The instructions for this Discussion Question are different than the ones you've done before. Be sure to read them carefully so you understand what's required. This Discussion Question is worth 50 points, rather than 20.

You are required to answer only one of the following questions. This question is due no later than Tuesday, January 23.

Please answer the question as thoughtfully as possible, after reading the lecture. Then post your answer to the English 102 Message Board by the deadline. Your thesis statement must be clear, precise and explicit. Support your thesis with specific details, examples, and direct quotes from the play(s). Your answer should be about 500 words long. An answer which does not include direct quotes from the play(s) cannot receive a grade higher than a 35, which is a C. You should cite your quotes, but no Works Cited list is required for these answers.

For this Discussion Question, you are not required to post responses to other students' answers. You are, of course, welcome to do so if you want to, but your points will be assigned based on just your answer this time. No responses required.

We will be using the Canvas Discussion Board for this class. Click on the link below to get to the Canvas portal, sign in, and then click on the box for this class. You will find the "Discussions" link on the left side of the screen:

Discussion Board

Remember: This discussion question is worth a possible 50 points. Late answers will receive 0 points. Points will be assigned according to the thoughtfulness of your answer, not by whether it is "right" or not, since sometimes there is no "right" answer. Just be sure your ideas are supported by the material in the play (see Lecture 1).

Tape Link

Asteroid Belt Link

Post-its Link

Trying to Find Chinatown Link

1. Write another scene for Almost, Maine. It should introduce new characters, but be consistent with the style and theme of the play. Specify where in the play you would add the scene. Write your scene in standard play format, as you see in the plays we've read.

2. Write a short play (3-6 pages) which is a sequel to "Asteroid Belt," using the same characters. You may add up to 3 new characters, if you wish, but you may not eliminate any of the characters from the original play. Write your scene in standard play format, as you see in the plays we've read.

3. How are the themes of betrayal and trust addressed in Proof?

4. The subject of Proof--high-level mathematics--is one that most people find incomprehensible and boring. How does Auburn make the play interesting?

5. Compare "Tape" and "Post-its." How are they similar? How are they different?

6. In Trying to Find Chinatown, Benjamin says, "...you can't judge my race by my genetic heritage." And he knows more about Chinese tradition and culture than Ronnie. So which of the two is more "Chinese"? Explain.