On these pages, you will find lectures that go along with the readings. Please read them carefully, and try to answer all the questions (in your head; no need to write down answers).

Use the links below to get to the lecture you want.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Literature; Short Story: Plot and Character

Lecture 2: Short Story: Setting and Point of View

Lecture 3: Short Story: Style; Tone; Language; Symbol and Allegory

Lecture 4: Short Story: Theme; Synthesis

Lecture 5: Drama: Understanding Drama; Plot

Lecture 6: Drama: Character

Lecture 7: Drama: Staging

Lecture 8: Drama: Theme

Lecture 9: Novel: Understanding the Novel

Lecture 10: Poetry: Understanding Poetry; Voice

Lecture 11: Poetry: Word Choice and Word Order; Figures of Speech;Imagery and Symbolism

Lecture 12: Poetry: Sound and Form