The following are links to literature pages on the Web.

Book Lovers: This site contains an abundance of links to every imaginable book-related site. Fabulous!

Bookwire: This site also has good links to other sites; more important, it links you to lists of the Nobel, Pulitzer, Pen-Faulkner, and other award winners. And not least, it takes you toThe Boston Review of Books and The Hungry Mind Review, among others.

Nimble Books LLC: This site contains book reviews, articles, author biographies, and also information on book-related Usenet groups.

The Literature Network has links to information and e-texts for a large number of authors. A very good resource.

The Word : This site contains a list of links to other book sites, especially on-line journals and reference sources. A very inclusive list. has full and unadridged e-texts of many American and English classics. has links to quotations, e-texts, and information on many writers. Great resource!

The following are links to sites which provide assistance with research, paper writing and documentation.

The Internet Public Library: This site contains all sorts of help on writing research papers, documentation, and information on literature, as well as lots of good links to literature sites.

The University of Wisconsin's Page on Documentation Styles: The name says it all.

The following are links to sites which provide information about some of the writers we're reading.

For more information on Luisa Valenzuela, go to the following sites:

For more information on Alberto Alvaro Rios, check out the following sites:

William Faulkner on the Web is the most complete site on Faulkner. Information on Yoknapatawpha County and all its residents, synopses and critical articles on his works, a biographical section about his life, links to other Faulkner sites--even a trivia page.

For more information on Charles Baxter, try these:

For more information on Dave Eggers, try

There are lot of sources on Sherman Alexie; following are some of the good ones:

Information on Charlotte Perkins Gilman is plentiful. Here are a few good sites:

For information on Edgar Allan Poe, go to the following sites; each has a wealth of information.

On Jonathan Safran Foer:

There are many sites devoted to Ernest Hemingway. Below are a few of the most interesting.

Although her story may have driven you crazy, Flannery O'Connor has many fans, and many of them have constructed websites. The best site is Georgia College and State University's Flannery O'Connor page; it has links to e-texts of O'Connor's stories and links to all the other good sites.

Some good sites for further information on Margaret Atwood:

A couple of sites with further information on Stephen Dobyns:

A couple of sites with good information on Annie Proulx:

For further information on Tillie Olsen, here are a couple of good sites:

For information on Tim O'Brien, check out the following sites:

For information on Neil Gaiman:

For information on Art Spiegelman:

For information on Marjane Satrapi:

For information on Lynda Barry:

For information on Nikki Giovanni, check out The Nikki Giovanni Home Page

Marianne Moore has inspired several websites:

The best site on Frank O'Hara is Frank O' It truly captures the spirit of his work and has some excellent links to other resources.

There are several good sites on e.e. cummings:

There are any number of sources on Raymond Carver. I've included just a few of the more impressive ones here:

A good resource on Judith Ortiz Cofer is Judith Ortiz Cofer's Homepage, which has biographical information and lots of good links to articles, essays, and other resources.

For some good information on Theodore Roethke, try the following sites:

For information on Mitsuye Yamada, see:

For more information on Wanda Coleman, see the following:

To find out more about Robert Hayden, see:

To find out more about Seamus Heaney, see the following sites:

There are dozens of sites on Emily Dickinson; here are a few:

For more information on Louise Gluck, here are a couple of sites:

For more information on Janice Mirikitani, see:

Here are some links to more information on Ariel Dorfman:

There are many wonderful sites on Anne Sexton; I've listed a few of the best:

For more information on Dudley Randall, see the following:

Here is a brief biography of Sipho Sepamla from Poetry International

For more information on Adrienne Rich, check the following:

For more information on Jim Sagel, see the following sites:

For more information on Charles Bukowski, here are a couple of sites:

For more information on Gwendolyn Brooks, the best site is Modern American Poetry's page, with a biography and links to other resources.

For more information on Rupert Brooke, see:

For more information on Wilfred Owen, see:

There are many good sites on William Carlos Williams; here are a few of them:

For more information on Ezra Pound, here are a few links:

Considering his importance, it is hard to find good stuff online about Langston Hughes, but here are a few sites worth seeing:

There are too many Sylvia Plath sites to list here, but I've given you a few:

There is too much information on Alen Ginsberg to list all of it here; following are a few (of many)good sites:

The two best sites I found for T. S. Eliot information are:

For information on William Butler Yeats, try

For information on John Cariani and Almost, Maine, try

There are quite a few good Web resources on David Auburn and Proof; I've listed a few here:

There are a couple of good sites on Jose Rivera:

For information about Lauren Feldman, Miami ArtZines has a brief article about Feldman that provides information about her work and ideas.

For information about Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman:

There are too many good sites on Shakespeare to list them all, but here are a few:

General Information about William Shakespeare:

Elizabethan England:


Here are a few sites which give you a bit of information on Emily St. John Mandel and on Station Eleven: